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We are a small team based in Switzerland close to Bern (the capital) who enjoy riding motorcycle for discover countries in Europe and surroundings. On our homepage we can share with you our experiences and descriptions with relatively important indications for those who would like to do the same like us. We are not professionals of the road and we do not want to pretend so much but having had some beautiful adventures, we would like to share our discoveries and who knows ... maybe soon on the roads with some crazy guy like us.

Daniel Battiston said "Batman" Cirino (Rino) Paladino Said "The swimmer"
BMW R1200 GS Adventure (model 2016) BMW R1200 GS Adventure (model 2008)

Trip 2010

Switzerland, Italy, Austria - Our first official tour with two motorcycle rather for standard roads, more suited to central Europe than the south. This tour allowed us to understand the basic needs and establish an organization adapted to the needs of motorcyclists.

Trip 2011

Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy - So many mountains and passes, well here is a route that gave us great satisfaction in driving the motorcycle, as well as a great pleasure for the eyes. The seaside and Istria also showed us this can be visited without going too far from home.

Trip 2012

Switzerland, France, Spain, Andorra, France - The france is not that to make of croissant and wine of burgundy, but also of very beautiful winding roads, especially if it is off the motorway, which we advise against. The arrival in the Pyrenees was a great change of scenery and showed us the great quality of the Spanish roads as well.

Trip 2013

Switzerland, Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia - "La dolce vita" is really the right expression that defines this tour and above all, which gives an idea of what can be found in the countries visited. A few steps from Switzerland, the countries visited we climbed incredibly beautiful landscapes and above all an impressive mixture of culture.

Trip 2014

Switzerland, France, Spain, Morocco - For the first time, we used a trailer to arrive quickly in spain and this in a single feature (1400km). Then by taking a ferry, we arrived quite quickly on the Spanish enclave of Melila, forte essensielle to arrive in Morocco. The journey in this beautiful and calm country has fascinated us and given a new Moroccan cultural sense, which deserves the detour.

Trip 2015

Switzerland, Austria, Hunary, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania - As incredible as this laziness, we have crossed 13 countries, some more beautiful than others. The cultures as well as the local peoples who have crossed our way, we have shown the complexity of all these regions which we advise everyone to do the same experience.

Trip 2016

Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey - Our first tour outside the standard europe, still today the one that brought us the most cultural pleasure. Roads not always tarred and sometimes, ending in river and soft earth. Amazing experience with a ferry ride on the Black Sea and across Turkey. Motorbike tour highly recommanded!

Trip 2017

New - Last motorbike tour

Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Poland - Definitely the biggest tour in terms of distance with more than 5'500km, including two passages on the Atlantic and North Sea (Golf Botnhia). The cultural shock between Finland rather Western europe mentality and Russia which is strongly industrialized but while maintaining local values (especially outside the cities). The Scandinavian and North Europe including the Balsic coutries, was a beautiful mix of cultures, also one of the most beautiful destination in Europe.

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